Saturday, April 28, 2012

VJAS to join call of separatists on May 1 for Vidarbha state

VJAS to join call of separatists on May 1 for Vidarbha state
Nagpur-28 April 2012
 Thousands of dying cotton farmers and malnourished tribals are joining the Black Day call given by veteran separatist leader J.B. Dhote on May 1, which is celebrated in Maharashtra as it's formation day.
THE CALL has been given in order to review long pending demand of separate statehood for Vidarbha as the government is neglecting the basic demands of cotton farmers who are killing themselves due to wrong policies promoted by the Congress leadership, which has dominated western Maharashtra
NCP party has been diverting fundS for development ever since the Vidarbha region was merged with Maharashtra but now they have started diverting food and kerosene quota allotted to the region. This month alone NCP leader Ajit Pawar has diverted 15 thousand kiloliter kerosene quota of Vidarbha to Poona district. The same is the case for food available under PDS, which has been directed to the districts of western Maharashtra, which is highly objectionable and unjustified.
Considering this situation separate statehood is th eonly option left, hence all parties and activist groups will join in the May 1 agitation, and will re-start the movement to get freedom from the clutches of neo-colonial powers of Maharashtra leadership.
In last 52 years, there has been an imbalance of progress and regional backlog, resulting in mass genocide of Vidarbha dry land farmers, and all relief packages have failed to solve the burning issues of Vidarbha, hence statehood is the last solution so that Vidarbha can be given justice in fund allocation and dying farmers and tribal lives can be saved.

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