Sunday, September 9, 2007

Waghela terms Vidharbha farmers lazy-It's Insult of Vidarbha Cotton Farmer-VJAS

Waghela terms Vidharbha farmers lazy-It's Insult of Vidarbha Cotton Farmer-VJAS

Nagpur-9th sept.2007
Vidarbha jan andolan samiti has termed union minister for textile shankarsingh waghela's statement in akola(vidarbha) cotton conference that vidarbha cotton farmers are lazy and that's reason they are committing suicide is very unfortunate as this not reason of agrarian crisis that has resulted farm suicides of more than 5000 farmers in last 32 months as per police crime record ,kishore tiwari informed today after the news channel NDTV Telecast this waghela statement which is like this and we


Waghela terms Vidharbha farmers lazy

NDTV Correspondent
Sunday, September 9, 2007 (Akola)
One would imagine that the farmers of Vidarbha would be treated with some understanding considering that hundreds of them have committed suicide and many more are suffering thanks to debt and failed crops.

But the Union Textile Minister Shankar Singh Vaghela on Sunday, virtually accused them of being lazy.

Speaking at the Akola Cotton Farmers Conference the minister compared them with farmers in his home state, Gujarat and said that the Maharashtrian farmers just did not take the initiative.

''There are power cuts in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Farmers in Gujarat just like farmers here, eat tobacco. But after chewing tobacco farmers in Gujarat go to work whereas, farmers here just sit around and don't go to their farms.

''What can the government do in all this? You must try and emulate the farmers of Gujarat. Come there and see for yourself,'' he said.

Kiler fields

Going by the average figures, farmer suicides are a daily affair in Vidarbha.

This year alone 743 cases have been reported. Most are from 6 worst affected districts of Vidarbha

For farmers in the 6 most-affected districts of Vidarbha, Rupees 1.1 crore given to each of the 6 District Collectors.

In July 2006 the PM Manmohan Singh sanctioned Rupees 3,750 crore to curb farmer suicides.

VJAS has termed this statement as part of on going govt. propaganda that farmers suicides are due to non-agrarian causes and farmers are killing themselves due to there fault and they should change their habits as all govt. policies are correct and they are pro farmers whre as it is fact that cotton farmers are victim of free trade and introduction high cost-high risk bt. cotton cultivation,kishor tiwari added.
we urged the govt. to protect the cotton farmer of vidarbha by providing proper
credit and cost protection to vidarbha 3 million farmers ,tiwari demanded.

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