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‘Maharashtra farmers got better yields with Bt cotton technology’- “Ridiculous claims”-VJAS


Kishor Tiwari

Vidarbha Jan Andolan samiti

Ref- Study report of Bt. cotton magic in vidarbha
please find report of MNC seed company self style survey has added new feather to dying cotton farmers of vidarbha who are recently termed "lazy" and dishonest by Union Textiles Minister, Shankersinh Vaghela and maharshtra chief minister vilasrao deshmukh , a trade association came out with a survey claiming that farmers had earned an additional income of Rs. 4,086 crore with the adoption of Bt cotton technology,in the year when maharshtra govt. paid Rs.216 crore as compensation for Bt.cotton failure moreover state govt. with help of agri. university has done his own survey with sample size of more than 2 million farmer made it official that Bt.cotton failed in rain fed area of vidarbha where 95% cotton farmers are not having assured irrigation facility .it also added in the maharshtra govt. study report that annual yield of Bt.cotton grower has been dropped down to 1.6 quintal per hector from national average yield of cotton is 3.2 quintal per hector.this report of relief commissioner of amaravati dr.sudhir goyal was submitted to Indian prime minister on 10th october 2006 and asked to ban Bt.cotton in rain fed area but instate of banning this Bt. cotton agriculture ministry this officially promoted killer Bt. cotton seed through it's seed corporation "mahabeez",kishor tiwari of vidarbha jan andolan samiti who has moved high court against killer bt.cotton informed today.

here is study report published in hindu

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'Maharashtra farmers got better yields with Bt cotton technology'

Special Correspondent

MUMBAI: As agrarian crisis-ridden farmers continued to commit suicide in Maharashtra others burnt effigies of Union Textiles Minister, Shankersinh Vaghela, a trade association came out with a survey claiming that farmers had earned an additional income of Rs. 4,086 crore with the adoption of Bt cotton technology.

"Better yields, reduction in pesticide sprays and higher profits are identified as the biggest benefits from the introduction of Bt cotton," says the All-India Crop Biotechnology Association, a body of 15 seeds companies engaged in selling and developing Bt cotton hybrids for Vidharbha region, citing a nation-wide survey done by the IMRB International.

"The IMRB study has shown that Vidharbha Bt Cotton farmers earned incremental net revenue of Rs. 8,588 for an acre which transforms into a benefit of 540 per cent in additional gross revenue over conventional cotton farmers and is well above the all India average of Rs. 7,757 and Bt cotton farmers achieved 107 per cent higher average yield in Vidharbha as compared to 94 per cent higher in [rest of] Maharashtra, 83 per cent in West and 50 per cent all India," the association says in a press note.

It further claims that the total pesticide spent by the Maharashtra farmers was 1.41 times higher for conventional cotton over Bt cotton, resulting in reduced use of pesticides to the tune of Rs. 3,838 million in the State. The survey had covered 6,000 farmers in nine cotton-growing States including 993 farmers in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.

"Ridiculous claims"

"These claims are ridiculous," the Vidarbha Jan Andholan Samiti leader, Kishore Tiwari told The Hindu in a telephonic interview from Yavatmal. He said that the Bt cotton had worked only in irrigated areas and not the rain-fed region of Vidharbha. "Actually the cost has doubled and the yield has halved," he said.

The samiti has moved several fora, including the Nagpur bench of the Mumbai High Court to demand a ban on Bt cotton. A survey by the Maharashtra government covering all 17 lakh families engaged in farming in the six crisis districts of the region, had found earlier that nearly 70 per cent of them were in distress due to crop failure and crop losses.

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"we demand inquiry of such bogus report sponsored by american MNC who are adding fuel along with huge US subsidies that killing vidarbha farmers"kishor tiwari added


please arrange to help to save 3 million cotton farmers vidarbha.

Kishor Tiwari
Vidarbha Jan Andolan samiti

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