Monday, February 22, 2010

UPA Budget 2010-11-VJAS urged Finance Minister to give special Economic Package to Dying Vidarbha

UPA Budget 2010-11-VJAS urged Finance Minister to give special Economic Package to Dying Vidarbha

VJAS urged Finance Minister to give special Economic Package to Dying Vidarbha

NAGPUR: -23th feb.2010

Maharashtra Govt. has declared more than 140000 villages of vidarbha as drought hit after last Anewari (crop yield estimate) given administration has been shown around 45% that’s complete loss cotton crop in the region .as per administration reports these villages has facing the problem of water ,fodder ,food and employment but till date any single district administration has not started any relief work resulting migration of thousands farmers for the want of work ,ground condition is worst than June-2006 and now it’s time for Indian Finance Minister to provide special economic package of Rs.30.000 crore in oder to save more than 3 million cotton farmers visit the vidarbha in oder to take review of his relief package

Vidarbha Jan andolan Samiti (VJAS) has drawn the attention of Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee toward pathetic condition of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra which is known as farm suicide capital of India.It's agrarian crisis but massive backwardness in the infrastructure developments,lack of industrialisation coupled with regular power cut-load shedding ,tribal starvation death ,malnutrition and complete failure of NREGA and NRHM in vidarbha has made this region as colony of salves of western Maharashtra and mumbai .Massive corruption and hostile administration has made ground condition too critical to define ,Vidarbha is the completely ignored region in Maharashtra that has resulted this economic crisis ,needs to be addressed with special economic package by the central budgetary sanctions ,urged by VJAS in letter to FM before the budget.

VJAS president Kishore Tiwari has recalled the visit of Indian prime minister Dr.Manmohan singh to vidarbha and announcement of Rs.3750 crore farmers relief package which has terned to be hoax followed by loan waivers series given by union and state Govt. as it failed to raise Agriculture Growth rate in the region moreover there is no respite to economic hardships of 3 million distressed farmers of vidarbha.Maharashtra attitude toward the vidarbha is so negative that state failed address the basic issues of food security and health care of distressed and dying farmers though there are numbers highcourt orders ,human rights commissions and special panels recommendations hence we need union Govt. intervention by way budgetary special economic package,Tiwari added.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee souled look at the problems of dry-land farmers of where farmers have to face vagaries of the nature as well as the market forces. Neglect of the dry-land farmers has led to cultivators’ growing dependence on cash crops and giving up food crops. special incentive food crop promotion is long pending demand of vidarbha region.VJAS also urged the FM to look an urgent need for setting up a agricultural price stabilisation fund. In the last five years, prices of farm produce have been volatile. For instance, soyabean prices have swung from Rs 1200 to Rs 4000 a quintal and pluses price Rs 24000 to Rs 74000 a quintal. Due to this a farmer seldom makes money. It is the middleman who gets the big cut while the consumers have to face the brunt of price rise. A stabilisation fund could be the answer to this problem,Tiwari said.

VJAS demands that the government should pump more funds into rural system restoration, NREG and National Rural Health Mission and tighten up the monitoring delivery system to control corruption.National review of NREG and NRHM is must,” demands Tiwari.

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Virat said...

Government should understand that this kind of apathy and indifference first leads to death,destruction of an entire people and next logical stage is inclusion in the RED CORRIDOR.It is exactly this ,which culminates into a fertile breeding ground for anti-state sentiments.
The government both at the centre and the state should try to help the farmers and prevent their suicide but,the government is more interested to help unscruplous anti-India minorities and no the rightful citizens of INDIA.the government extends all kinds of help to so called disadvantaged minorities which should precisely be given to orphaned children of drought ridden Vidarbha