Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pathetic condition of Private Engg. Colleges in Maharashtra –VJAS urged Indian Govt. to nationalise all private Engg. Colleges

Pathetic condition of Private Engg. Colleges in Maharashtra –VJAS urged Indian Govt. to nationalise all private Engg. Colleges

Nagpur-19TH JULY 2009

Vidarbha Janandolan samiti (VJAS ) has drawn the attention of Indian Govt. towards the pathetic condition and ill management of Private Engg. Colleges running degree courses in

advance courses of Engg. And technology as non of college has got technical qualified staff ,more over the laboratories and libraries and either are in a dying stage or most of institutes are having it on papers as per recent AICTE inspection report done for accreditation as more than 98% institutes are till not officially approved by apex body of central govt. monitoring the quality of these qualities but role of AICTE has been very doubtful as all the time inspection team is being bribed by the management to get time lease for up gradation ..

Here is actual in take capacity of these private colleges in Maharashtra and the metros like Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur are having 80% of these bogus Engg. Colleges run by politicians



IN TAKE CAPACITY(Including management quota)


66 (New Addition 8)



54 (New Addition 6)



52 (New Addition 5)



23 (New Addition 3)



284 (New Addition 56)



Out of 284 state permitted Engg. only 22 has got regular qualified principal as person holding master degree with Ph.D. with more than 10 years teaching experience are not available and most of colleges are showing names of persons who working in corporate houses or out side India and are being paid huge amount to attend AICTE inspection .the condition of lower staff at the level of professor and asst. Professor is too worst to explain as most of the ex-students who failed to complete the degree even after 7-8 years are being offered the job teachers in the name of some other person working in US or in the industries.

‘Even Girl friend of owner of college with out having basic Master Degree and experience all most nil ,is working as principal of one best ranked Engg. Institutes in Nagpur. ‘when illiterate Minister can be the vice-chancellor of our deemed university then what’s wrong ’ innocent student of B.E.(I) Mona Agrawal asked “frequency of change of teacher is so fast that this year our external examiner has given us internal marks at the time of final exam as in the whole session ,there were change of teacher in every fortnight and no practical performed , but thanks to the external as he has given Fullmark’s to every body’ she added.

‘there is always a fear of final year students as most of them are likely to be our faculty member for next academic year, as it is happening since 2001 ,we are being threaten by senior accordingly, when we try to report eve teasing ’ she said.

‘It’s mockery of education and innocent victimisation of our parents as we have to join private tuitions classes right from first semester to last one by paying very heavy fees. state should stop this exploitation ’mona urged.

“there are outdated computers mostly given to college under from his MP/MLA LAD fund by owner of the institute ,all equipments are either faulty or there is no operator to show it’s functioning ,when we ask for the text books in the library then Liberian gives name bookstall suggesting purchase it”

Vidarbha Janandolan samiti (VJAS ) has asked Indian Govt. to nationalize and regulate these mass mushrooming of private Engg. College in Maharashtra in order to stop degradation of standards of technical education in India.

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