Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maharashtra Governor SC Jamir to see darkness Vidarbha :VJAS urged Jamir to Provide Integrated Development Plan to remove back log of Vidarbha.

Nagpur- July 22, 2009

Maharashtra Governor SC Jamir is on five days tour to vidarbha from 21st July to 25th July and it is learnt that he wants to under stand basic issues of related to farmers suicides, tribals starvation and malnutrition ,irrigation backlog and existing power crisis . SC Jamir veteran politician is visiting hospital, schools and police station along with other institutes where administration has arranged stage managed show cum visits, he has already visited naxalite effected Gadchiroli District and attending washim today then he will visiting farm suicide capital of vidarbha that tribal belt of west vidarbha part of of Yavatmal district to know the hardships of hundreds farm widows,unwed mothers, starved kolam tribals but it is unlikely that local administration will make his visit possible with these people in order to avoid humiliation due to it’s complete failure to implement NREGA,NRHM,Indiara Awwas Yojana ,ITDP,ICDS,control order 2001 to provide food security to poor under BPL families.

“the ground condition in rural vidarbha is pathetic,it not only issue of farmers suicides and tribal starvation deaths,the region is going through the complete system failure .peopel need urgent steps to remove the darkness , Governor SC Jamir will certainly arrange to give us relief under his constitutional powers of section 371-372 to remove over back log of vidarbha”Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) urged Governor SC Jamir today.

VJAS delegation of vidarbha farm widows,unwed mothers and cotton farmers is visitng Governor SC Jamir on 24th afternoon in the village akoli in Yavatmal District provided administration is granting the permission ,Kishore Tiwari informed today .
The major issue in fact is the Irrigation backlogs of vidarbha which has increased whopping Rs 24265 crore from Rs.405 in 1982 according to a survey done by the Dandekar Committee thanks to the casual and step-motherly approach of western Maharashtra politicians who have always had an upper hand in state politics and always ignored governor directives under constitutional powers of section 371-372 .

“such visits of VIP to vidarbha is works as salt rubbing to our burns due to political indifference suffered by Vidarbha since it became a part of Maharashtra, darkness of vidarbha can only be removed by giving separate statehood to vidarbha ”tiwari added.
Vidarbha since it became a part of Maharashtra it has been given a colony status as Maharashtra Govt. failed give fund planned in state outlay allotted to spent on removing development backlog of backward vidarbha even after it was officially accepted by the then government since 1960.It is always alleged that politicians from western Maharashtra take away all benefits for development of western Maharashtra after formation of Maharashtra .

VJAS urged Maharashtra Governor SC Jamir to provide integrated development plan to remove back log of vidarbha. With time bound solution to address agrarian crisis, issue of irrigation and power crisis and justice to tribals ,tiwari informed.


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