Monday, July 6, 2009

Million crore Rupee mega Indian budget received mix reaction of Vidarbha cotton farmers

Million crore Rupee mega Indian budget received mix reaction of Vidarbha cotton farmers

NAGPUR: -6th July 2009,

first ever Indian union budget for year 2009-10 of more than one million crore rupees has received mix reaction of dying vidarbha farmers of farm suicide affected west vidarbha as it has not given any special economic package to the region but Vidarbha Jan andolan Samiti (VJAS) has welcomed union Govt. decision to give direct fertilisers subsidy to the farmers and announcement of special task force for looking farm debt issue of private money lender in Maharashtra."farm debt of private lender is the serious issue and is also one of the region of farm suicide in west vidarbha for the first time Indian Govt. has officially recognised it now this debt waiver will be major task in future after the recommendation of of task force as more tahn 3 million cotton farmer are in debt trap of private money lender"kishore tiwari of VJAS informed today while reacting to indian budget .

VJAS has also welcomed the union Govt. decision to increase budgetary allotment to National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme NREGA and Notional Rural Health Mission NRHM "now Govt. should see that it is implemented and made operational in agrarian crisis effected vidarbha as earlier it failed to give any relief to distressed cotton farmers"tiwari added.

Earlier VJAS had drawn the attention of Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee toward pathetic condition of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra which is known as farm suicide capital of India.It's agrarian crisis but massive backwardness in the infrastructure developments,lack of industrialisation coupled with regular power cut-load shedding ,tribal starvation death ,malnutrition and complete failure of NREGA and NRHM in vidarbha has made this region as colony of salves of western Maharashtra and mumbai .Massive corruption and hostile administration has made ground condition too critical to define ,Vidarbha is the completely ignored region in Maharashtra that has resulted this economic crisis ,needs to be addressed with special economic package by the central budgetary sanctions ,urged by VJAS in letter to FM before the budget.

VJAS president Kishore Tiwari has also hailed Finance Minister announcement of giving extention to the OTS scheme of Rs.71,000 crore from 30th june 2009 to 31december 2009 now maharashtra Govt. should also extend their OTS scheme under extended loan waiver of Rs.6208 crore ,tiwari demanded.
food Security to Poor
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee announcement to make act to give 25 k.g. of wheat or rice @ of Rs.3/- will certainly benefit more than 40 million poor families having BPL card and till covered under any food security scheme of public distribution system."we demand early implementation of this food for all poor scheme as starvation and hunger is very burning issue of tribal part of vidarbha."Tiwari said .
"Extension of National Rural Health Scheme to every Indian under BPL is good step but implementation is always problem due to corruption in administration.the decision to give 1% interest rate is not enough in fact rain fed farmers needs interest free crop loan.
we are happy that interest on educational loan of all students of weaker section studying in recognised professional institute will waived off but it is long pending demand to for free ship to all economic weaker section student for MBBS ,B.E. or M.B.A. education "Tiwari added.

VJAS demands for setting up a agricultural price stabilisation fund and the government should pump more funds into rural system restoration, NREG and National Rural Health Mission monitoring to control corruption is must,” demands Tiwari

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