Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rs.110 crore Bailout Package to DCCBank Nanded is misuse power and Public Money-VJAS demands sacking of Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan

Rs.110 crore Bailout Package to DCCB(coop- Bank) Nanded is misuse power and Public Money-VJAS demands sacking of Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan

1.RBI appointed liquidator on DCC Bank Nanded after Rs.770 crore scam by old Directors include Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and his close relative and NCP leader Ex-Central Minister Suryakanta Patil

2.As per Govt. G.R. No.DCB-1206/556/2-S Dated 10th august 2009 Maharashtra Govt. Gifted Rs.110 crore chief minister ashok chavan’s DCC Bank Nanded (copy enclosed).

3.As per Govt. G.R. No.DCB-1206/16/2-S Dated 26th march 2007 Maharashtra Govt. Gifted Rs.20 crore DCC Bank Nanded

4.As per Govt. G.R. No.DCB-1206/5666/2-S Dated 14th march 2008 Maharashtra Govt. gifted Rs.1000 crore as short term loan to DCC Bank Nanded

Nagpur-17th august 2009

When maharashtra govt. has no money to give food grain loan (Khawati Karz)to 3 million tribal even after order of High Court ,chief secretary is not ready to give subsidies food to one million distressed and dying vidarbha farmers even after recommendation of Dr.Narendra Jadhav Committee report and as per Economic Survey of 2009 Govt admits that

“2 million jobs are lost, food grain production dropped by 25%,outstanding debt mounting to Rs.1,58,520 crore ,interest payment on debt is Rs. 12,953 crore,30% drop in employment provided under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), poverty ratio in the State is 30.7 per cent as against All-India average of 27.5 percent and more than 6000 farm suicides and lacs of tribal death due to malnutrition and starvation

but same government has released Rs.110 crore as financial aid to RBI liquated District Central Cooperative Bank i.e. DCC Bank Nanded home district of Maharashtra chief minister Ashok chavan in which chief minister , close relatives and NCP leader ex-central minister Surshkanta Patil defaulted more than Rs.770 crore and RBI has appointed district collector as it’s liquidator and imposed all restrictions under banking regulation act-1949 section 37 and all misdeed and corruption of the DCCB Nanded is under investigation .

“This is gross misuse of power and attempt save from criminal prosecution of all directors involved in massive Rs.770 crore scam in which top leaders of congress and NCP are named which include ashok chavan brother in-law Bhaskararo Khatgaokar M.P. and Ex-Central Minister Surykanta Patil . We are demanding sacking of Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and moving the petition before Maharashtra Governor S.C.Jamir and Lokayukta for his urgent removal” Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti informed in press release today.

“As election are due in October 2009 and such illegal decision and gross misuse of power is rampant as daily such G.R.s are being released by this maharashtra Govt. sanctioning thousands of crores with out legitimate locus and allowing the gross violation of R.B.I. and central finance ministry earlier restriction due to over running debt on the state and present DCCB Nanded G.R. is piece of iceberg Tiwari added.

DCC Nanded was given Rs.20 crore in March 2007 and then Rs.100 crore short-term loans to be refunded in three years now that short loan ahs been converted in financial aid with retrospective effect and this has been done by the very smart babus in co-operative deptt. now headed Dr.Sudhir Goyal , “we will take all babus to task for these financial misdeed as these acts will not only revive the corrupt board of directors without any penal action but R.B.I. will be forced to lift all restriction under bank regulation act 1949 section and will give liberty under section 62-E of maharashtra co-op. societies act-1960.”Tiwari said.

“This is purely waste of tax payer money to save corrupt directors of DCCB nanded as they are close to Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and NCP Chief Sharad Pawar “the above act of misusing the power of chief minister is violation of constitutional duties of chief minister and illegal and if Maharashtra Governor S.C.Jamir and Lokayukta failed to give the urgent relief then we will move the writ in Mumbai high court as matter of public interest litigation”Tiwati informed.

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