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Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh's Independence Day Speech is Eyewash -VJAS

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh's Independence Day Speech is Eyewash -VJAS

Nagpur- Aug 15 2009

Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh Independence Day message that India had self faith, political stability and economic strength to march towards “a golden future” is far away from the ground reality being faced by rural India. Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti has termed his speech as eyewash by exposing truth and ground reality. Here are the main highlights of his speech delivered on the occasion of India's 63rd Independence Day on Saturday and VJAS comments on it:

1-No one will go Hungry

In India after 62 year of independence if Prime Minister Independence Day message talks about poverty and hunger then truth of its economic strength is truly reflected here. now India ranking just to bottom of the list most venerable countries facing starvation ,poverty hunger lacking basic facilities of food security and health care to 60% of it’s population

2-That every citizen of India is prosperous and secure and is able to lead a life of Dignity and Self Respect.

This is most ridiculous part of speech as majority of citizen are backward and unsecured and A Life of Dignity and Self Respect” is insult of billion of poor who are dying without food and health care ,those million of distress farmers killing them self and tribal dying due to malnutrition and starvation those who draft the speech, if they know the condition of Indian rural crisis then he should have realized what nonsense he is talking about.

3-Restoring our growth rate to nine percent is the greatest challenge we face. We expect that there will be an improvement in the situation by the end of this year.

Here is the admission of retardation of growth rate by Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh and optimism of it’s improvement without making broad base policy changes ,it’s impossible recent agreement is pure sellout by Indian Govt by compromising economic interest of rural masses..

4-Appeal to businessmen and industrialists to join in effort to tackle difficult situation and fulfill their social obligation.

This is another futile attempt to Appeal to businessmen and industrialists to join in effort to tackle difficult situation and fulfill their social obligation after 62 years social exploitation when you are opening gates of economy to same bloodsuckers of 95% Indian population.

5-PM warns hoarders and black-marketers

This is also warning UPA partners who are controlling food supply of India and the same time running the commodities exchanges to stipulate the prices when the fact is known to that present price rice is artificial.

6-This year there has been deficiency in the monsoons. We will provide all possible assistance to our farmers to deal with the drought.

Drought hit farmers are daily committing suicide but your so called relief is not coming. It was the PMO who predicted normal monsoon after delayed arrival ,now you are contradicting the same.

7-Date for repayment of farmers’ bank loans postponed. Additional support given to farmers for payment of interest on short term crop loans.

Loan waiver has been failed to provide the fresh credit to the farmers as more than 50% amount OTS is till not reconstructed hence crop loan disbursement has been worst hit even after the mega loan waiver.

8-We have adequate stocks of food grains. All efforts will be made to control rising prices of food grains, pulses and other goods of daily use.

In fact PMO should inform these to Indian food supply minister who is creating panic in the country and efforts to control rising prices of food grains, pulses and other goods of daily use. Are not visible in rural India

9-Country needs another Green Revolution, the goal is four percent annual growth in agriculture. Achievable in the next 5 years.

The 1,84,000 (one lac and eighty four thousand) farmers suicide is result of First green revolution and it’s only reason of Indian agrarian crisis hence now when your Govt. is giving bailout packages to farmers ,your signal of another Green Revolution is clear signal mega entry of MNCs who are having monopoly seed, fertilizer and pesticide ,this is true commitment to WTO, World Bank and US Govt.

10-Food security law under which every below poverty line family will get a fixed amount of food grains every month at concessional rates.

Yes, billion of poor needs food security but all the time the poor excluded from the list of BPL and allowing issue of the starvation and huger alive .we need universal PDS and food security but food security act will not cover the most venerable .

11-Special care to be taken of needs of women and children. To extend the benefit of ICDS to every child below the age of six years by March 2012.

It is matter of national shame that parent scheme of providing special care to poor women and children titled ICDS is temporary and being run with the aid of World Bank-UN and announcement of it’s extension is matter of hostile approach toward welfare of women and children as ICDS being run on ad-voc basis the staff of Anangwadi and Balwadi is purely temporary and we need very professionally managed ICDS with planed outlay

12-NREGA program to be improved to bring more transparency and accountability in to it.

NREGA has failed to provide employments to in rural India in most of state and Man days of work shown by states is clear indication of it’s failure and review of NREGA is national need but we are till awaiting the central decision to dot that.

13-Right to Education Act enacted, funds will not be a constraint.

14-Secondary education will be expanded through a program that will ensure that every child in the country gets its benefit.

15-Will provide bank loans and scholarships to the maximum possible number of students to support their education.

16-New scheme to help students from economically weaker sections get education loans at reduced interest rates. Will benefit about five lakh students in technical and professional courses.

When education has been privatize from primary to university level and it has been very big industry of UPA leaders earning. Right to Education Act is mockery of education when UPA Govt. is giving license to open private universities without being regulated at any level and corrupt elements in apex court has allowed to raise fees of these private colleges without any upper limit and now it’s certain that poor can’t take good education as he has no money to pay heavy fees charged by these private schools and colleges where standard of education in Govt. run schools and colleges to poor to explain.

There is need to nationalize all private colleges run by UPA leaders and reduce the fees then there will no need to take bank loan and scholarship as welfare schemes of students are for rehabilitation of congress leaders.

17-We will give special attention to the needs of disabled children.

Let us hope that UPA Govt. under stand the need of special attention to all not only disabled children.

18-The Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana to be expanded to cover every family below the poverty line.

India needs Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana to everybody as very costly private health care is making poor to everybody hence regulator to health services is need of hour and proper function of NRHM is must.

19-India will meet the challenge of climate change through eight National Missions,

New culture of energy conservation, programs for water collection and storage and "Save Water" should be one of our national slogans.

Govt.of India should come out with white paper on degradation forest in last 10 years and failure of all water conservation and rain water harvesting programmes in drought prone area of India and massive corruption .PMO should order all pending C.B.I. enquiries files related to illegal cutting of forest and corruption in environment and water related project in order to start save water movement from PMO.

20-Working on a legislation to provide 50 percent reservation for women in rural and urban local bodies.

First make legislation for parliament and assemblies then in rural and urban local bodies.

21-Will take care of the special needs of the backward regions with redoubled efforts to remove regional imbalances.

Vidarbha agrarian crisis is the result of regional imbalances and remedy as per recent reports of planning commission and CAG is separate state of vidarbha ,please arrange to do it.

22-Benefit of good programs will not reach the people till the government machinery is not corruption free. Public administration to be more efficient.

To make Government machinery corruption free and public administration to be more efficient, UPA needs non-corrupt ministers hence please remove corrupt ministers to achieve this .

23-Nation building will be our Highest Duty

Yes we all are with you most respected prime minister for Nation Building

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