Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sonia Gandhi urged not give Loksabha seat to ‘vote for cash’ M.P. Haribhau Rathod to keep ethical standard of Parliamentary Democracy

Sonia Gandhi urged not give Loksabha seat to ‘vote for cash’ M.P. Haribhau Rathod to keep ethical standard of Parliamentary Democracy

Nagpur-14th March 14, 2009

Vidarbha janandolan samiti (VJAS) today urged Congress President Sonia Gandhi not to give congress party Yavatmal-Washim loksabha parliament seat to sitting expelled BJP M.P. Haribhau Rathod who had last year defied his party whip and abstained from voting on the confidence motion in the Lok Sabha and disqualification petition alleging his intentional abstain as ‘vote for cash’ case is pending before loksabha speaker and likely to face disqualification as reasons given by Haribhau Rathod that he said "I came back from Parliament yesterday at around one pm to take my diabetes injection. Suddenly, on the way my sugar level dropped because of which I became drowsy and was rushed to Kukreja Hospital in Rajouri Garden (about 15 km from Parliament). I was in the ICU and was finally discharged at around nine in the evening. My phones were switched off and no one was allowed in the ICU. I was under tension since I had not made up my mind about the vote. It is nice that the government has won and I would have also voted for the government only,"

(http://news.hinduworld.com/click_frameset.php?ref_url=/index.php&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.expressindia.com%2Flatest-news%2FAbsent-BJP-MP-says-he-was-in-ICU-but-still-supports-UPA%2F339441%2F ) are not justified as his illness in the house was not even reported in the parliament hospital hence his version is fabricated .

In letter to Smt. Sonia Gandhi VJAS president Kishor Tiwari requested her on the ground of high morality and in order to keep high standards ethical balance in Indian parliament system intact ,she should not promote the practices adopted by the Great Betrayers- Aya aur Gaya type M.P. Haribhau Rathod as even if congress culture allows such type of corrupt elements to exists with reorganisation but society at large will reject them at last in the election hence congress should refrain from such unholy act .

Tiwari recalled that Rathod's defection was a shocker to the BJP party because he is a close confidant of the BJP's national general secretary Gopinath Munde and was, at one time, Munde's private secretary when Munde was Deputy Chief Minister between 1995 and 1999.It is known fact that as UPA chief you know the reason of M.P. Haribhau Rathod to shift his loyalty suddenly and the exact amount paid to him for ‘vote for cash’ to save UPA Govt. but it was alright to protect power but now for sake of poor vidarbha people congress should get rid of such bad elements ,tiwari added.

Vidarbha M.P. like Haribhau Rathod were sleeping for last five year when more than 5000 cotton farmers committed suicide due to on going agrarian crisis and people are just waiting to take account of their inaction hence congress should not repeat such inactive M.P., Tiwari suggested.

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