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National election 2009-VJAS demands “bar coding” and inter mixing of all EVMs

National election 2009-VJAS demands “bar coding” and inter mixing of all EVMs before counting in order to keep election confidential

Nagpur –May 6, 2009

Election commission of India has modified counting process of votes given through EVMs by introducing cross verification and recounting of EVMs at random by counting officers to check correctness of counting to avoid frauds but EC has failed to introduce any method of keeping the confidentiality of EVM to protect and safe guard the interest of voter of that polling station as in last all election conducted by EC by using EVM ,concern election in charge has made all voting details to public via news paper that has created lot of hardship to tribal,dalit and minorities voters in particular as they were victimised due to vendetta and EC failed to keep the voter’s voting right as confidential and secret hence in petition filed before Chief Election Commission Of India (CEC) Kishore Tiwari President Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti has prayed that after first round of EVM vote count ,all EVM should be given fresh bar code before the all party representative and should be mixed in entire parliament constituency that will keep election process as secret and impartial and will result in free and fare election too.

In last 2004 Loksabha election as election result was declare EVM wise that has reflected very badly in next 2004 assembly election Maharashtra as political parties targeted kolam pod ,dalit wasti and specific communities went against them in voting and they were threaten and tortured get the voting done in their favor hence there is complete change in voting pattern in these polling station changing the result of assembly constituency and practices adopted by the candidates were unfair and corrupt making mockery of free and fair election,tiwari added petition .

“I can understand political parties who are promoting only corruption since 1950 ,voter is not expecting any protection as per secrecy and confidentiality of voting is protected but he can expect some justice from Chief Election Commission Of India (CEC) who is custodian of free and fair election in India hence we have moved this petition in order to protect human rights of our tribal,dalit and minorities being frozen after the result as part of vendetta of voting against the order of gram mukhiya or community panchayat”tiwari added.


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