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No money for food security and no direct aid to 5000 farm widows -Rs.6000 crore farmer package is not relief package but cooperative banks rehabilitation package

Nagpur-31st December 2008

In letter to Mahashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti has strongly criticised Rs.6208 crore farmers relief package as there is no direct help to dying cotton growers of suicideprone six districts of west vidarbha .Rs.6208 crore so called farmers relief package has been purely rehabilitation and revival package for cooperative banks run by politicians who rule the state government. This package is as ridiculous as earlier one as it failed to give simple food security to 4.24 lacs distress farm families and direct help for daughters marriage of 3.3 lacs farm families in difficulty and despair which is main cause despair and distress ,kishore tiwari informed today.

Provision for free education up to 12th standard is not enough ,there is problem of higher education in professional colleges due to very higher fees to vidarbha distressed farmers hence it should revised .as free health care is concern the resurvey of illness and then free treatment is not serious effort as new identified patients will be political leaders as they become beneficiaries all other schemes,we need free health care to all farmers in vidarbha ,tiwari demanded.

5000 Vidarbha Farm Widows Completely Ignored

West vidarbha has reported morethan 5000 farm suicides and administration has rejected most of cases for compensation and it is grate need of hour to financial help to these dying widow’s families and it was expected that this Rs.6208 crore package will spare at least Rs.2 crore for the same but babus failed to look this serious problem too,tiwari added.

it is highly suspected that this relief package is not targeted to give any benefit to these dying farmers because main demand to waive of crop loan up to Rs.50,000 irrespective of land holding of dry land farmers under agrarian crisis of west vidarbha has not been covered more over it has been designed to cover the prosperous farmers of west maharashtra as it happened in last Rs.71,000 crore loan waiver ,tiwari allged

‘we welcome the decision of providing health and education security to distress farmers and but food security and rural employment support to all identified critical cases of west vidarbha are till missing in this package as no relief is there in new relief package and this will keep these dying farm community out of relief net. We will move to high court against this bogus relief packages which are turning to be hoax and eyewash’ Kishor Tiwari informed today.

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